Project Folding Chair

So first of all, we live for late and short contextual essays! I am very bad at this, I did the things, didn’t I?! Well actually, that’s not really true I did one and half of the three things I set out to do.

  1. An instgram picture of my OC’s that was meant to emulate the Ace Attorney Café artwork.
  2. Story rundowns with character style breakdowns
  3. A video tying it all together

Ok so number two, I ended up doing all the style breakdowns albeit bad because I often just made choices on cosplays due to their favorite colors or something simple, then I find the representation in it or sometimes not at all!





I halfway through dropped the stories because there’s no way you’re going to sit there and read 6000 words on Victoria Waits. Also, both Shye and Quill appear a lot more in the later games (Apollo era) and I have played half a game of that timeframe. So, all I could do was stab vaguely which isn’t good enough for me, so I just decided not to continue.

The video never came to fruition because I’ve been pulling my hair out over 2000 words essays on archaic writing practices and simply lost time, I’ve also been dealing with so much dysphoria and dysmorphia that seeing myself on camera may cause me burst into flames for so my own mental health I did not complete that part at all!  

I held on so tightly to my folding chair quote because it puts the action back on me, I have to do something. Yeah, they should have invited me, but they didn’t, so I have to do something myself.

I brought 6 meters of green fabric from Spotlight, and the next day I spent 4 hours putting on 4 different cosplays. I simply I did the thing I set out to do. It makes me want to update Shye (I did her so dirty the first time I cosplayed her).

I used my very limited skillset to look up tutorials on Youtube (so do not look too closely) found a pic of a cafe and I put it all together. I think it looks really cute and I am very proud of myself.

As of 15/11/2020 has 80 likes and has seemed to hit a plateau but I have never received that many likes before.


"I may be a potato, but I am flaming" Me, Brooklyn, the singing, sassy, joking, hot-mess poato who does youtube videos, cosplay, writing, acting, and whatever I want.

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