Project Folding Chair, Update

Hi, Hello! How are you? They can’t answer that Brooklyn.

First of all here is my beta which was a fan made video

Look at it, sah cute!

Here’s my video of me discussing it a little bit.

And here’s some time points I want to expand on.


“This is the video that almost ruined my relationship” They can call me a lot up uncandid is not one. unfortunately this video took multiple takes, so much so my boyfriend who was portraying Gumshoe, had to come to my place on 3 hours of sleep. He was mad. I was mad. also my new nose piercing fell out. I realised that there was no way we could do any filming that day. so I decided we’d just re-record the lines and we’d use editing magic. .


Parartext of paratext my definition. The Text is the game and all things affiliated with the game from that same company. The Paratext is fan created things that still fit the cannon, cosplays, official fanart. Paratext of Paratext to me is very are removed from the actual source but still makes enough sense for you to understand how it relates back to the game.


Have some cursed content:


So I decided to do this project for my beta cause it blended the two things together. My OC and a video.

Ah so you’ve made is this far you must want to know about the garbage time I had making this.

  1. It turned out that in all scenes my wig was a mess, and not in a cut way. I looked like a crackhead. How did it even get that bad? I don’t know. so of course we couldn’t use those shots. All the cooking filming was fine it was just the most important part when we were talking to the camera at the beginning.
  2. The audio was also super grainy and not great. I obviously couldn’t do much about it, I cant just go out and buy a mic, especially if I may never use it again.
  3. So I scheduled a make-up shot and for my boyfriend to bring his mic but I have literally never seen my boyfriend that tired and it was clear he couldn’t act in that state. So I just re-recorded the lines and put them to a black screen (or over shots where I didn’t look like a person who had never seen a hair-brush) because the whole video was going to be a voice-over anyway!

So that’s what I did. I am very tired, so RIP, bye. See you in the next update.


"I may be a potato, but I am flaming" Me, Brooklyn, the singing, sassy, joking, hot-mess poato who does youtube videos, cosplay, writing, acting, and whatever I want.

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